BioRage - Evo 2.1 XL's


BioRage Evo 2.1 XL Towers

Introducing the BioRage Evo 2.1 XL Towers. These beautiful speakers are built using only solid wood. Unlike other manufactures that use compression board or even worse, particle board. Those materials tend to expand and become warped and disfigured. 

*Speaker  shown in natural finish. Other stains colors available. Enamel finish also available at an additional charge. 


Internal Components

The 3.1 X utilizes a 1 3/4" silk dome tweeter, two  8" Woofer and a 10" Subwoofer. Creating excellent qristal clear sound over all frequencies.


A+ Sound Investment

Quality you know and trust. Our speakers will not be out performed by any others.

3 Way System - RMS: 150 - 350;  Max 400 - 650  peak

Subwoofer - RMS: 200-650 watts; Max: 1200-2000 peak

Dimensions: (W)10 7/8" X (D)11 3/8" X (H)38"

Price: $3500.00 pair